Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world. From its stunning beaches and lush rainforests to its vibrant culture and delicious food, Hawaii is a place that everyone should get to experience at least once in their lifetime. I recently visited Hawaii, and there were so many activities that I enjoyed. Here’s a guide to the best activities that you can enjoy when visiting this amazing place.

1. Skydiving

sky diving hawaii

I have a terrible fear of heights, but every time I take it out of the sheath and throw it into the abyss.

It's an extraordinary feeling when you're in the sky, touching the clouds full of water, aiming at the horizon, and praying you don't hit the shark's mouth

2. Kiss a dolphin

kiss dolphin hawaii

I dreamed of this moment since I was little and enjoyed the movie Flipper. I managed to kiss this little guy during my last week of living in Hawaii and he turned my day into a dream. I would have taken it home, but the suitcases were full. Too full.

Soft, delicate, playful, happy, and charismatic... sweet and "fishy" memories.

3. Jumping in the ocean

jumping in the ocean

With all the desire to try something new, with all the unconsciousness that characterizes me, and the courage to throw myself head first... I stood on the top of the rock for about 5 minutes. To jump, not to jump. I'll jump...nooo..nooo I'll jump! yes..come on! Nooooooo...I'm not jumping!

I jumped to the end, 2 times even! Fantastic and unique!

As well as the pain the next day, when I could barely sit on the chair:) but it passed... and the memory remained

4. To linger under a waterfall

waterfall hawaii

Nothing else matters. The seconds pass on your skin, the aroma of clean mountain water kisses your skin and you feel like you're in Paradise. Sweet and pure water, natural hydromassage, and an indescribable good mood.

And to make the feeling truly unforgettable...a rainbow appeared at the base of the waterfall. I sat on a rainbow and enjoyed the moment, 2 hours after I came down from the sky. YES...IT IS POSSIBLE! And if life hadn't shown me this before my short-sighted eyes, I probably wouldn't have believed it!

5. Kayaking and SUV rides...

kayaking hawaii

I love to drive and rarely have my friends behind the wheel!

It was my dream to at least touch such a car. At the car rental center, I got the cheapest 2-day subscription... and in the parking lot, a surprise: a convertible red Mustang!!! I jumped up like a child and literally kissed the Mustang, the symbol of my personality.

I sang "What a wonderful life" all day long, with the wind in my hair and freedom in my eyes. I continued on the ocean, paddle in hand, while the kayak moved towards 2 secluded islands.

6. To admire the sunset on the beach

sunset on the beach hawaii

This image determined me to fight to leave Romania, this inner feeling took me out of the monotonous and daily steps and got me on the plane, with the destination: the other corner of the world.

The rustling of the sunset and the music of the palm leaves... a song that I miss.

7. To interact with the locals

interact with the locals

Those who were born with a smile on their lips, with freedom in their veins and giving in their palm. The look is a song, and the song is a gift to them. A gift that you pack in your soul and take forever, regardless of where your steps are headed. Alohaaaa and Mahalooo... the basics of Hawaiian culture.

8. Mauna Kea – the highest peak in the Hawaiian Islands – 4,205m

Mauna Kea

The largest astronomical center in the world, where the night is the kingdom of giant stars and the sunrise is a jewel you can't take your eyes off of.

Tremors, and you don't know if it's from the cold or from the amazing panorama.

Laugh... and you don't know if it's from the feeling of being so high, in the middle of the Pacific, or simply because you climbed up there.

9. Kona Joe coffee plantation

Kona Joe coffee plantation

I don't know what a coffee bean looks like, except for the one in my kettle.

I admired rows and rows of coffee, I plucked a bean and stared at it as a wonder dropped from the sky, I smelled the smell of coffee just out of the roaster and I tasted the best sip of coffee while my eyes it was bathed in whole kilometers by the plantation and the ocean that bathes it in its breeze.

That day I learned to hide the map and follow my instincts, your desires. To explore and trust that all roads lead somewhere.

Maybe in a much more magnificent place than the one originally planned.

10. Garden of Eden - beyond the heights of imagination

Garden of Eden Hawaii

Here I discovered that pineapple grows in a "grove" and not in trees, that there are over 500 types of palm trees, that flowers have a unique role in our lives, that the more hidden plants are more amazing...that nature is perfect!

11. To enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world

beach hawaii

Beaches with black, green, pink, brown, cream, and golden sand...wide and narrow beaches...unknown beaches or murmured by too many people...km long beaches and chic beaches...crystalline water, dolphins, and breeze.

The perfect place to build your house.

12. Get on a plane or ferry and visit other islands

hawaii ferry boat

Around 5 in the morning...passing the Big Island, the largest island in the Hawaiian chain.

When I should be happy that I took off...we prepared to land. 15 minutes on the plane...and a new reality hits you.

The Hawaiian islands are as close as they are different.

13. Rainbow...every day...

rainbow hawaii

Every day I was lucky enough to see a rainbow, smaller or bigger, more intense or more pastel, single or double...

Not without reason, Hawaii is the state of rainbows.

These are just some of the activities that fascinated me in Hawaii from all the options I tried: snorkeling, surfing, boogie-boarding, driving around the island on a scooter, hiking in the mountains, admiring the beaches by the craters of inactive volcanoes, visiting the magnificent parks and gardens, to go paragliding, jet skiing, to take a cruise at sunset or at night, to enjoy a typical Hawaiian party, to go with the guide through less explored forests, canoeing, to admire the fireworks every Friday with your feet in the sand, to visit the active volcano since 1983, to walk through "sulfur parks" or volcanic tubes, the specific dance...and the list can go on...and on...