On the way to the south of Switzerland, we stopped, as in fact almost always in recent years, in the Engelberg resort, at a hotel where we really liked everything. In short, I will tell you about it, because, if you are in the area, take advantage of the opportunity and pay it a visit.

Seen from the main entrance to the resort, the hotel is at the opposite end, in a quiet and very beautiful area. As the name describes, it is not just a simple hotel, it is equipped with a large indoor swimming pool, wet and dry sauna, and gym.

Next to the Wellnesshotel Eienwaldli, there is also a very large campsite where caravans and simple tourists with tents are stationed seasonally.

The hotel also has a small store where tourists from the camping area can stock up.

We had two simple rooms, so the basic category, but we were very satisfied. Impeccable bathroom with the latest finishes and equipment. In a beautifully decorated and braided basket were prepared the bath hood, slippers, and towel for the swimming pool/sauna.

The visit to the swimming pool and the rest of the equipment is of course included in the price of the accommodation.

I read on other sites that tourists complain about being crowded at the pool, especially at the end of the week. I cannot confirm this point. While we were frolicking alone in the pool and using the saunas, the Swiss were watching the Switzerland-Uruguay match - if I'm not mistaken... - :))

The breakfast is also a 10! Everything you wanted. We usually don't eat a lot... but here I honestly gorged myself.

What else can I say... I might have forgotten something, but at the moment I can't figure it out. I recommend the hotel as I have never done it before - one hundred percent.

Yes, I would forget to mention the food. Next to the reception, they have a kind of Pizza-Bar where usually guests from the swimming pool or tourists coming to the campsite, serve meals. They also have, on the other side of the road, in a separate building, a more select restaurant with a more diverse menu.

We only visited the Pizza bar. The dishes served seemed fresh and well-cooked but a little expensive. Three adults, so three portions of food plus drinks, we are approaching 85 CHF.

So the prices for the food are not cheap, and the accommodation was not cheap, but it was worth it. Try it too!!

If there are questions, don't hesitate, I will answer with pleasure.