Neah, I didn't actually go to his home but to a Trump hotel in Miami. But no, you can say that without lying, just exaggerating. In New York, I was amazed by how many tall buildings bear the name of Trump.

They are everywhere and somewhat measure the power and wealth of the former US President. Those who do not know his history may believe that Trump came from nowhere and through the strength of his character and intelligence became the most powerful man in the world for 4 years.

Trump, however, is from an extremely rich family, his father was a real estate mogul and his fortune today is 3 billion dollars. He is a 110% businessman and has a huge influence on the American people.

Miami seemed to me the most chill city out of the many visited in the USA. Full of Latin Americans, Spanish being the first language here, it has beautiful areas and is not as vast as the other cities.

From old neighborhoods with exclusive shops to the downtown with skyscrapers of 60-70-80 floors or Little Havana, with the well-known Ocean Drive and the northern area of the beach where the Trump International Beach Resort is located, full of hotels or private blocks with at least 40 floors.

The beach in Miami is famous all over the world. Absolutely gorgeous. Fine sand, wide and with an extremely smooth warm water entrance is adored by tourists. Clean and elegant with the tall blocks at the back it gives a sci-fi feel these days. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not necessarily created by nature but helped by people.

Trump International Beach Resort Hotel

Trump International Beach Resort

Sunny Islas Beach Miami is the northern part of the beach and is surrounded by skyscrapers. Hotels or buildings with enormously expensive residential apartments.

As a different fact, in the Porsche building, you have the possibility to take your personal car with an elevator up to your apartment. Which is obviously big enough, in terms of space, to also have parking space for who knows how many hundreds of thousands the car is worth.

Here, in this area, the hotel is located, which also has about 40 floors. Located right on the beach, it has three swimming pools, SPA, two restaurants, a gym, a golf course (it couldn't be otherwise) about 3 km from the hotel, bars inside, on the beach, and at the pools and some very interesting cottages in the pool area.

I will tell you about them a little later. Also here they created Planet Kids, which is a program for children, which offers various educational activities.

The rooms in an American hotel, most of them, are huge and have some features that we, as Europeans, are not really used to. First of all, the existing mini kitchen in the room.

There are few hotel rooms where you won't find a kitchenette with a sink, kitchen cabinet, microwave oven, and in general just about everything you have at home in your kitchen. The mattresses are oversized and there is always carpet on the floor. Trump International Beach Resort Hotel is no exception. If you add the panorama, then you really have a wonderful room.

The balcony, even if facing the ocean or the city, brings the fabulous panorama that completes the comfort. I have rarely seen such a spectacular panorama from above.

I arrived at breakfast and even if it was a copious breakfast, I couldn't say that it is out of the ordinary for any hotel. The usual food that you find anywhere in a respectable hotel, but the services are of a special quality. They are extremely attentive to everything that happens in the restaurant and you have nothing to complain about.

SPA in a Trump hotel

trump resort spa

We tried the SPA here, it's called Aquanox, and we enjoyed body massages and facial treatments. It was hardly surprising to find employees from Brazil, Spain, or Argentina. It's common in Florida. The SPA is the place where you relax and enjoy both your body and your mind.

That's exactly how they designed it. Comfortable, cozy, relaxing, and with top 10 services. They have a lot of treatments but time did not allow us to try them. It would mean giving up the pool and the beach…

At the pool and on the beach!!!

trump resort pool

Trump International Beach Resort Hotel is a resort located on the beach. So the area with the three swimming pools and jacuzzi is a step away from the beach. Basically, you go down and you have reached the sand.

As anywhere, tourists are divided between those who stay in the pool area with the related bar and those who choose the lounger on the sand. So that's exactly how it is here. I couldn't say that I saw any stars, but I certainly heard besides Spanish and English and Russian, German, and Italian. World from all over the world.

An extremely interesting thing about the pool is the private room. A kind of canopy is created as a string of rooms along the pool. The room where you have a TV, fridge, sofa, and armchairs. A mini hotel room on the edge of the pool, with a small garden behind it. We enjoyed its comfort for many hours and it was also new for us.

Beyond the description above, the general feeling was that "it's a normal hotel". It's obvious that it's expensive (it would have been disappointing if it wasn't) a room starting from $4-500 per night, but it's a place where you don't feel like it's the White House or a museum.

A hotel open to guests, not the most luxurious in the world, not the tallest or most beautiful, but with services that really make it a special place. Beyond the design, the rooms, the facilities, the staff will make you feel, if not like a President, at least like a Vice President!