In winter, Egypt is one of the closest places for Europeans to go to enjoy the summer weather. The sun here is not as scorching hot as in summer, but the sea is still warm enough to laze on the beach.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the popular tourist resorts of Egypt - Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh - is a better holiday destination, however, it is important to take into account that both have their pros and cons.

To help you choose the most suitable holiday destination for your wishes, we will explore how a holiday in Hurghada differs from a holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Where is it warmer?

Due to its location, Sharm el-Sheikh has slightly higher average temperatures from December to April.

True, ahead of Hurghada by just a couple of degrees. Sharma is surrounded by mountains, so there are more windless beaches here.

The climate in Hurghada is drier, so it is relatively windier. The wind is great for surviving the sweltering heat of the Egyptian summer, but in the winter it can get chilly at night in Hurghada, while it's warmer in Sharm el-Sheikh. However, in general, you can enjoy the warmth in Hurghada all year round - the average summer temperature in this city is around 30 degrees Celsius, in winter it can drop to 17 degrees, but the water in the sea will rarely be below 19 degrees.

If you are a strong heat lover, choose Sharm el-Sheikh.

Infrastructure and hotel base

Hurghada is a large city founded more than 100 years ago. There are quite a lot of good hotels in this resort - they are being actively renovated and the quality is getting better and better, but it should be taken into account that there may be some "aged" buildings in the wide offer. Therefore, when choosing a place to stay, it would be worth asking the tourist agency when the hotel was built and when it was last renovated.

As a plus, we can mention that there is something to see in Hurghada outside the hotel area, including a very beautiful old town.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a relatively new resort, so rarely any hotel here is older than 30 years. Interestingly, in terms of population, the city is 10 times smaller than Hurghada. It would be more correct to call it a resort village, which is dotted with hotels. In Sharm el-Sheikh, it will not be possible to enjoy the charm of antiquity, but there are quite a lot of different shopping and entertainment centers here.

Sharm el-Sheikh in last the infrastructure of the resort has been further improved: new and convenient roads have been built, old hotels have been renovated, new design hotels have been built, and wireless internet has significantly improved availability in hotel areas. Therefore, Sharm el-Sheikh is currently also a very good destination for remote work.

If you plan to stay mostly in the hotel area or work remotely, then choose Sharm, but if you want to go for walks outside the hotel, then Hurghada will be a more suitable destination for you.

Holidays with children

Family holidays in Hurghada will bring fewer problems for parents and maximum joy for children. Here are more hotels that offer a wide range of entertainment options for young vacationers.

The entire coast is dotted with hotels, where every family will be able to find something suitable for their taste: water parks, exciting animation programs, and other activities and entertainment for children are available here in a much wider range than in Sharm el-Sheikh. And most importantly, most of Hurghada's beaches are sandy, with a flat entrance to the sea - without pontoons and sharp corals.

Sharm el-Sheikh is more suitable for family vacations with teenagers. They will be interested in having fun in the waters of the Red Sea - diving and snorkeling, getting to know the fabulously gorgeous underwater world. It should be taken into account that in the resorts of Sharma, access to the sea is often only possible from a long pontoon, which is quite inconvenient when relaxing with small children.

Hurghada is more suitable for a family holiday with small children, but teenagers will appreciate the entertainment options offered by Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Nightlife

If in the previous point Hurghada came out on top, then when comparing the nightlife options in both resorts, the situation is the opposite.

Discos, clubs, bars, animation, shows, shows, and performances - there are many wonderful reviews about Sharm el-Sheikh's nightlife.

There's even a bar made of pure ice! But you can't do without a warm sweater there.

If you dream of a beach party by the sea, then the club "Eden Ibiza" will be an excellent choice, where various themed events are often held, including foam parties.

It should be noted that both in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, locally produced alcohol is mostly not distinguished by excellent quality. In places where imported drinks are sold, their quality is better, but the price is also higher as a result.

If you want your vacation to be like a never-ending party, book a trip to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Excursions and attractions

The location of the resort also determines what the excursion program will be. The neighborhood of Hurghada is much richer in historical monuments and cultural objects.

If you want to visit such pearls of Egyptian history as Luxor, the Pyramids of Giza, and Cairo, then choose Hurghada as your vacation destination.

Mount Sinai, on the other hand, is closer to Sharm el-Sheikh. There you will be able to climb Mount Moses or visit the monastery of St. Catherine. There are also sand dunes in the vicinity of Sharma, so you can enjoy a safari adventure or go on a jeep excursion. From Sharm el-Sheikh you can easily reach Dahab - a very picturesque town with authentic architecture. In addition, there are two national parks nearby: Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve and White Lagoon.

Each of these resorts has its advantages, but if you want to see with your own eyes excellent historical monuments, go to Hurghada.

The Beaches

Sharm el-Sheikh has many reefs that will interest explorers of the underwater world, while Hurghada's big plus is its sandy beaches.

The most magnificent reefs of Sharma are located in the bays of Ras Um El Sid, Hadaba, Ras Nasrani, Gardens Bay, and Sharks Bay. When visiting them, do not forget about coral slippers - without them, entering the water can be traumatic and difficult. But these minor inconveniences will quickly be forgotten when you dive into the luscious sea and enjoy the magnificent underwater views of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Hurghada also has coral beaches, but in much smaller numbers, as most of the reefs were destroyed to create a resort that could compete with Turkey's "all-inclusive "* destinations. Now, Hurghada lures vacationers with golden sandy beaches, clean waters, and infrastructure friendly to safe swimming.

For diving and snorkeling, it is better to choose Sharm, but Hurghada is more suitable for a lazy beach holiday with easy access to the sea.

Which resort is better?

We have listed the most important similarities between the two resorts, but the choice of the most suitable destination is up to each individual. If the criteria we have specified are not important to you, we recommend that you visit both resorts and draw your own conclusions.

And now a short summary!

Pros of Hurghada

Sandy beaches with easy access to the sea;

More developed infrastructure for recreation with children;

Close to historical places;

A cooler climate during the hot summer months;

There is something to see outside the hotel area.

Pros of Sharm El Sheikh

Well-developed infrastructure for diving, snorkeling, and other activities in reefs;

Wider nightlife entertainment options;

Lots of shopping malls;

A more modern hotel base;

The warmer climate in winter.