About the Neelum District

The district of Neelum, which is the northernmost of the ten districts in the region of Azad Kashmir administered by Pakistan, runs parallel to the Kaghan Valley. It runs along the Neelum River for 144 kilometers. The river Neelum, after which it was called, flows through the valley and provides an incredible view of hills on each side.

What is Neelum Valley so famed for?

The famed tourist destination Neelum Valley in Pakistan is made all the more enticing by its expansive panoramic views, soaring hills, streams, and high-altitude lakes.

This area attracts mountain tourists and those looking for an adventure in Northern Pakistan Attractions because of its lush green woods and snow-capped mountains. Locally grown fruits with distinctive flavors include apples, apricots, walnuts, and plums.

When is the best time to visit?

It's crucial to pack the right clothing and equipment for the weather you may experience when visiting Neelum Valley. This includes clothing for the cold and rain, as well as sunscreen. Even though the prediction calls for sunny skies, it's wise to be ready in case the weather suddenly changes.

Neelum Valley begins its winter season in December when temperatures throughout the day range from 5° to 10° Celsius. Winter is marked by heavy snowfall, which may cause delays on road trips due to blocked roads.

The best time for tourists to visit is typically between March and October because the region is most productive during this time, the majority of the local crops are grown, the trees and mountains are at their most fruitful, and certain areas are still covered in snow, which makes for beautiful scenery.

Places to visit

Dhani waterfall

The largest and most magnificent waterfall in Neelum Valley is Dhani Waterfall. It is renowned for its majesty and natural splendor. Dhani Waterfall, also known as Dhani Noseri Waterfall, is the highest waterfall in Neelum Valley and is situated 24 miles (38 kilometers) from the Muzaffarabad District. The tranquility of this lovely location attracts lots of people thanks to its clear waters and 15 m-high waterfalls.

Kutton Valley

A destination for nature lovers is the Kutton Valley and its beautiful water stream. With guest homes and lodging options, Kutton emerges as the top destination for a northern family vacation. In the Upper Neelum, Kutton is a tranquil location with beautiful scenery and clean air. Due to its location in Kundal Shahi village in the Neelum valley, this waterfall's official name is the Kundal Shahi waterfall.

Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake is an alpine glacial lake that is renowned for having no reflection of its surroundings and tranquil city feelings. It is referred to as The Queen Of The Lakes and is one of Pakistan's most beautiful lakes. The best time of year to walk at Ratti Gali is during the summer. The idea is to drive for two hours from Dowarian to a base camp. From there, you can either ride a horse or embark on a stroll to the Ratti Gali Lake.

Sharda Valley

Sharda Valley in Neelum Valley is a wonderful location to sit, relax your legs after a long road trip, and drink on some Chai with waters rushing beneath a place you might not miss seeing. It has rich historical backgrounds and pauses for the tourists to resettle and have a tea time break.

Upper Neelum Valley

Upper Neelum Valley is a unique destination for travelers from all over the world and serves as a window into the entirety of Occupied Kashmir. Some of the best-tasting fruits may be found there, in addition to its beautiful flora and animals.
Famous Lal Ambari (Ambari Kashmiri) apples from Chanjath Neelam Valley is a cross between red and Ambri apples. Skin is smooth, bright-dark red color; pulp creamy white, tender, crisp, mildly sweet, and juicy.

Cuisines to taste

Goshtaba is a famous Kashmiri delicacy made from beef that has been mesh-cooked for several hours.

Murg yakhni is a deliciously unique chicken curry made with a particular masala blend.

There are two varieties of Kashmiri pulao one can obtain in Muzaffarabad: one is made with beef, and the other is made with mutton or chicken.

Red beans with Bakarkhani: Kashmiri people enjoy eating red beans as part of their weekly meal along with plain white rice, but it's also wonderful to combine dry-fried red beans with Bakarkhani for a deliciously lethal combo.

Namkeen (salty) tea is a unique beverage that combines green leaves tea with salt, almonds, and other dry fruits. In Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, the bakery item known as Kashmiri Kulcha is widely accessible.