Akti Imperial Deluxe Resort&SPA Dolce by Wyndham in its full name is a 5* resort in Ixia, just 4 km from Rodos Town, located on the edge of the sea, with everything a guest could want as a facility and offering ultra services all-inclusive.

On an area of over 42,000 square meters, there is a resort that offers its guests almost all the facilities invented by the hospitality industry.

From elegant and luxurious rooms for couples or large families to swimming pools of all kinds, lazy rivers, a private beach, four themed restaurants apart from the main one, a private beach with free sunbeds, a beach bar, SPA, shops of all kinds in the hotel, indoor pool, two pool bars, free Wi-Fi, free parking, free mini bar, airport transfer, mini club for children, mini disco, entertainment team, shows every evening and much more.

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Here there is also the largest event center in Greece, with halls that have a total of over 7,000 seats.

I have been to many resorts of this kind in several countries. Each one in itself is interesting and beautiful and special. Here, however, something else surprised us. Usually, in a resort, there are only a few countries represented by tourists.

A country that gives the majority to tourists, then a few others. But here it was like the Tower of Babel. Being a hotel with over 700 rooms (!!) and the number of tourists was high. Guests from a multitude of countries! Greece (!!), Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, the USA, the Middle East (we couldn't figure out where the ladies who were bathing in their full black suits were from), Bulgaria, UK (many! ). People from everywhere!

The rooms at Akti Imperial

The rooms at Akti Imperial

The resort is large and obviously has many accommodation spaces. There are more than 700 rooms in the triangular building that offers a view of both the sea and the mountains.

There is also a separate building with three floors where there are large rooms for large families. Elegant and spacious, with a balcony, they offer free air conditioning, a free minibar, and a daily supply of juices and alcohol, toiletries, and impeccable cleanliness.

The hotel has double rooms, double twin rooms, and suites with one bedroom.

Being a newly renovated hotel, it looks impeccable and the large windows offer you a panorama of the sunset directly from your bed. I found in the program grid three special channels of the hotel plus a multitude of channels from all over the world.

Akti Imperial's pools and beach

Akti Imperial's pools and beach

There are four swimming pools at Akti. In the park in front of the resort. A large pool, where activities are also held with the entertainment team, one on the side, deeper and quieter for adults and two in the middle - one with games for dwarfs and one like a lazy river for those who just sit and they splash in the water.

As at any resort, the sunbeds are at a high price here as well, but I still found two free every time, regardless of the time. It's true that not the best ones, the ones closest to the water, but I found them. Both the large pool and the adult pool have a pool bar next to them that offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food. Food from steaks to pizza or sandwiches. A restaurant close by.

And I ate here several times and as you know, the best food is the one you eat when you're hungry and water makes you hungry…

The beach is private and is in front of the hotel. It is reached through a tunnel that passes under the road in front. The north of the island of Rhodes is not famous for its sandy and wide beaches, but for the color of the water.

The beach, with enough sunbeds and a beach bar where you can order any non-alcoholic drink, is pebbled, both on the shore and 2 meters into the water. But after the two meters, difficult to do if you are barefoot, you have sand so fine that your only problem is "when do I go out?". The blue of Greece, the warm water, the waves. They all keep you in the water.

What you can eat at Akti Imperial

eat at Akti Imperial

Ultra all-inclusive says a lot about a resort. It is obvious that food is an important component here and the tourists' tastes are completely satisfied. From kosher food to gluten-free or food for the very young. The diversity is huge and no matter how picky you are, you can't help but find something you like.

The hotel has the two bars/restaurants that I told you about above, by the swimming pools, and places where you can eat from pizza to steak. There is, however, a small restaurant where guests are served the three meals of the day. Those who have been to such a resort are familiar with this way of serving.

Whatever goes through your head you can find here depending on the time of day. Every lunch there are specialties such as lamb or salmon or Asian food. Soups, meat of all kinds, countless salads, and sweets or ice cream. It is difficult to stay at the same weight after a stay at Akti Imperial.

The four themed restaurants, Asian, Greek, Italian, and seafood, have a different systems. You can book a dinner here at least one day before through the hotel reception, you have a time when you go to the table and a predetermined menu.

Sample menu from restaurants

  • Asterias restaurant is the one with Sea Food and the menu starts with Cuttlefish cooked in Wine, Tuna Salad, Fish Soup, Greek Cabbage Salad, Octopus Salad, Seafood Risotto, Smoked Salmon, Alipasta, Salmon with Orange and Pink Pepper, Tuna with Walnuts, Swordfish, Raisins, Rolled Sea Bream Fillet with fresh vegetables and dessert is Passion Fruit Mousse
  • Red Elephant is an Asian restaurant where I ate California Sushi Rolls, Chicken and Corn Soup, Chicken Salad, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Spring Rolls, Beef Satay, Special Rice, and Fried Banana dessert.
  • At Lukullus thematic restaurant we tasted many Greek dishes from various areas of Greece. We started with an appetizer that includes Cheese Salad Dip, Bean Soup Velute, Traditional Greek Salad, and Eggplant salad. I continued with Zucchini Roquettes with garlic dip, Stuffed Cabbage Leaves, Stew Lamb with greens and herbs, Stuffed Tomatoes with orzo, Potato Salad, peppers, and feta cheese., Beef Sofrito Served with baby potatoes, Chicken with Peppers, Mushrooms, and Mustard Sauce, Greek Traditional sweets.
  • They also have the Narco Polo restaurant with an Italian theme and food, where we started with Gnocchi with gorgonzola, Caesar Salad, Bruschetta with tomato basil, Caprese, Ravioli stuffed with spinach sage, Vitello Tonnato. Risotto with mushrooms. I continued with Tagliata with rucola grana, and Chicken Cacciatora, and ended with my favorite Italian dessert, Tiramisu.

It's an interesting concept at these themed restaurants that I haven't seen before in resorts. Usually, they have an a la carte menu and you choose what you want from the menu, but here they bring you a little bit of their entire menu and as you have seen, there are not a few dishes at all.

One evening he even asked us if we wanted him to bring us extra, obviously we didn't want to. They were all very good and we were happy that we had the opportunity to taste several types of food from different areas of the world.

I tried them and found out that the 7-8 dishes served at each restaurant are not optional. It is like a meal served at a restaurant with at least one Michelin star. The dishes are brought to you one by one, in a well-thought-out order, and thus you go through everything that the respective kitchen can offer.

To be able to eat at these restaurants, you have to make an appointment at the reception in advance because there are quite a few places, but if you stay for 7 days as we did, it is impossible not to get a seat at each of them and I advise you to do it if you get there.

The SPA at Akti Imperial

The SPA at Akti Imperial

Aegeo SPA! There is no resort of this kind that does not have a SPA. It is not missing here either. An entire area of the hotel is dedicated to procedures of this kind. From the hammam to saunas or massages of all kinds and the indoor pool. The SPA is the place where you find your balance and relax, bringing both physical and mental health.

Located on the ground floor, in the swimming pool area, arranged according to the principles that are the basis of any place of this kind, it is sought after by tourists for the services it offers. Among the procedures here, we can list the ancient Greek massage, the Afrodita&Apollo experience for couples that lasts 80 minutes, or the Cretan Herbs Experience – a body detoxification procedure with the help of plants.

Also here is the gym with strength machines or treadmills. For this period, in which there are so many rules, access here is limited to five people, precisely to prevent any risk.

In fact, right nearby you have a place where you can dip your feet in the pools for the fish that eat the dead skin on your feet. I tried only once and they tickled me so hard that I couldn't resist...

Entertainment to have a perfect stay

Entertainment at Akti Imperial

The entertainment team here is one that keeps you hooked all the time. From their boss who speaks about 5-6 foreign languages and is always among the guests to the girls who attract you in all kinds of games or in the evening at the mini club dancing with the little ones.

The entertainment team is important in a resort of this kind. Water gymnastics, volleyball, or bocce, every day I am among the tourists and I attract them to participate. Their smiles and the fact that they are permanently connected to the atmosphere of the resort bring fun and a good time spent.

If you haven't tried playing a game in a resort until now, I advise you to do it. Teams are formed and friendships are made between people who otherwise have no connections. You don't even know how interesting these moments are. It will enrich your life experience by knowing the other's culture.

The island of Rhodes is one of the most beautiful locations in Greece for an unforgettable stay. And Akti Imperial offers you, in addition to the possibility of spending time in the resort, countless options to visit places in the surroundings. So you are not stuck in the hotel, but you can spend time at your own pace with your choices.

If you are the type of tourist looking for all-inclusive resorts, Akti Imperial Deluxe Resort & SPA is a wise choice!