There are two categories of people πŸ˜€ Those who, in winter, go to the mountains and those who, in winter, go to the sea/ocean/beach. As I wrote on other occasions, I have no pretensions about destinations. I like them all and I would like to visit them all.

And yet, in winter, if I had to choose between cold and warm, I would always choose the heat, so if I had to choose between the mountains/skiing and swimming in the sea, then the sun and the beaches win.

Last year I wrote about where you can go on vacation to the beach, with swimming, now, in winter - starting from December and further... I wrote then about 4 countries, this year I added another gorgeous one to the collection, so I present you the 5 countries – Egypt, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, and Maldives, but 6 destinations (In the UAE there are two – Dubai and Sharjah).

Here's where you can fully enjoy hot days, warm sea or ocean water, and exotic fruits and come back with a perfect tan and lifelong memories:

1. Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh, Red Sea

Sharm el-Sheikh

It is the first destination at the top because it is the most accessible in terms of distance and price. For several years now, there has been a Berlin-Sharm-el-Sheikh charter flight, so there is nothing complicated, except flying for about 4 hours.

It is a very good option for those who want to go somewhere warm, with a beach and sun, but not far and not expensive (the further it is, the more expensive the plane ticket is - a known fact :)), especially since the travel agencies have a lot of offers for this destination.

Egypt has a subtropical climate. On the shores of the Red Sea - in sought-after tourist resorts such as Hurghada, El Gouna, Makadi, Sharm-El-Sheik, Dahab, and Nuweiba - high temperatures are recorded during the summer, reaching an average of 40 degrees C during the day.

In winter (that is, during this period) the average temperature during the day is 18-28 OC, with light wind, and in the evening and at night the temperature values do not exceed 15 degrees C. The recommended period for bathing and beaching: is March to October. Ideal period for visits: November – February. I was in Sharm-el-Sheikh from December 2021-January 2022 for a week. We had a great New Year's Eve party there.

Recommendation: Don't expect much from the hotels, cleanliness or interaction with the locals and everything will be fine πŸ™‚ Even though it's hot, it's "summer", for the evening and night - pack something with long sleeves and maybe even pants, sometimes it's a bit cold.

2. United Arab Emirates, Dubai - Peach Bay, Sharjah – Indian Ocean

Dubai - Peach Bay

It's about two neighboring emirates, you can choose one or go to both, but if it's only one - then Dubai. Of course, the beaches are different and there are other distinctive things. The ideal time to go there is when it's winter here.

The climate in Dubai is subtropical, and desert. Summers are very hot, without precipitation, with daytime temperatures of 45 degrees C and nighttime temperatures around 30 degrees C, very hard to bear without air conditioning.

The sea water is very warm with a maximum of 33 degrees C. Winters are warm and pleasant, with a lot of sun and maximum temperatures of 25-26 degrees C, with more frequent precipitation between December and March. The rainiest month is February. The water temperature remains high in winter, with 21-23 degrees C, very pleasant for a swim. The best period for a stay is from September to May.

Know that the warmest water is in the Indian Ocean. I went there in December 2019. I actually went to Dubai, and Sharjah was a "bonus" - a day trip and I got to sunbathe on the shores of the Indian Ocean for the first time.

I really enjoyed Dubai, it remains one of my favorite destinations and I wish I could ever be there on New Year's Eve and watch the fireworks from the Burj Khalifa.

Recommendation: Get ready for a new, special culture, for the most - malls, buildings, etc., for a lot of adventure. Arm yourself with lots of energy and curiosity!

3. Thailand. Bangkok. Hua Hin (2 hours from Bangkok)

Thailand. Bangkok. Hua Hin

It is certainly an exotic, special destination to visit. Although, yes, far. Berlin-Istanbul - about 3 hours, Istanbul - Bangkok - 9-11 hours, depending on weather conditions. It's not easy, and it's not close, but it's worth it.

Yes, it's very hot there, but when it's winter here, the Pacific Ocean, which borders the beaches of Hua Hin, is very warm (the warmest water I've ever bathed in), and the culture is completely different from what you see through Europe and Africa. The best months to go to Bangkok are January, February, March, November, and December.

On average, the warmest months in Bangkok are January, February, March, April, May, June, August, and September - temperatures are 29-34 degrees. Of course, in Thailand, there are many other popular beach areas where you can enjoy a hot vacation.

Recommendation: Don't expect much English to be spoken there. Be prepared for the big temperature difference when you get off the plane (it's a sauna :)). And know that with them a little spicy is spicy, and spicy is God forbid.

4. Mauritius, Flic-en-Flac, Indian Ocean

Mauritius, Flic-en-Flac, Indian Ocean

Yes, the water is warm, the beaches are nice, the nature is beautiful, and the food... you can find it from all cuisines. It's a perfect destination if you want winter in summer. The Berlin-Istanbul-Port Louis flight is about 3 hours and another 9, a little less than to Thailand.

But it's an experience that must be lived, Asia and Africa are different, and Thailand and Mauritius are different. Mauritius is a mix of cultures, so you will discover many interesting things. In Mauritius, summer is from November to April and then it is also the ideal time to go on vacation, from May to October it is winter and it rains a lot and often.

The average temperature is 27-30 degrees, it is the perfect time for the beach and, at the same time, to don't suffocate. Mauritius is an ideal destination to combine the passive with the active, i.e. staying at the beach, but also discovering the island - there are so many places to see…

Recommendation: Definitely don't limit yourself to just sitting on the beach, there are many places to visit and things to do. Avoid the capital – Port Louis, there will be no loss. If you know French, then know that you rather hear French over there, of course, everyone knows English too. For safe, fast, and guided trips, call the taxi, and the taxi drivers. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

5. Maldives

Maldives islands

It's definitely a dream destination and it's perfect, especially if you want to rest, rest and rest. I will not recommend a specific island, because the Maldives only has πŸ˜€ 1192 islands, of which only 250 are inhabited, 80 being tourist resorts.

The difference between an inhabited island and a resort is about from heaven to earth, so if you want to enjoy those Maldives that you have seen in movies and on Instagram, and if you opt for an island with locals, I would recommend rather Thailand πŸ™‚ I think that it is precisely on such an island that the Maldives loses its charm (I went on a trip and saw it).

The Maldives offers packages at different prices, so depending on your budget you can go to a luxury resort or a more modest one, but know that the beaches and the ocean are the same - simply gorgeous! The water is warm, even very warm (if we compare it with other destinations), and the white beaches are extremely fine! I would happily go back there.

Recommendation: If you go to an island resort, definitely go to an island with locals. You will have enough idle time anyway. If you go to an island with locals, you can pay for a day at an island resort… You can go on excursions – to see dolphins or sharks, but at the terrace bar on the island where I was, they also came for free… so be careful what you pay for.

It's clear that for more distant destinations it's better to prepare ahead of time - especially in terms of tickets, or now, in the season, they can cost double-triple :), and accommodation places are fewer and more expensive. Egypt is the best option, now, from several points of view regarding distance/flight duration, prices, and time zone..., but if it is possible - why not, even Mexico, Bahamas, or Australia.

I hope I have awakened your taste for vacation and summer...! My taste never sleeps πŸ˜€